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Beat the back to work blues (5 surprising strategies)

Having time away with friends and family is always the chance for you to recharge your batteries. Though in taking this time away we start to lose our motivation and routine for when we go back to work. Resulting in back to work blues where you feel higher levels of stress and anxiety.

back to work stress

Following the 5 surprising strategies laid out in this blog, you will grow a stronger mental health. A stronger mental health that combats any feelings of:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Along with implementing these 5 strategies to achieve your goals, create simple mindset shifts. Creating simple mindset shifts gives you the tools to achieve greater levels of success and happiness

Beat those back to work blues when you create the right mindset shifts.
Obtain greater success and happiness.
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Nutrition to increase productivity and improve mental health

Unless you completely ignore all media sources (TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards), you know that having a highly nutritious diet is good for your body. Not only is great nutrition great for your body, but it is also great for your productivity and mental health. Get back to work with the right foot and embrace a highly nutritious diet to increase your productivity.

back to work productivity

Increase productivity


As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for quick ways to improve our productivity. Improving our productivity leads to:

  • Improving our customer services
  • Gives us back more of our time
  • Ultimately generate higher sales

So how can foods increase our productivity? 

Look for foods that feed the brain such as oily fish and nuts as they improve brain function

Here are 10 further foods that can help you to increase productivity by feeding your brain. As eating a brain-boosting diet can support both short and long term brain function.

Workout to release those happy hormones

Exercise has the huge advantage of releasing the happy hormone ‘endorphins’. We all would be more than happy to get this release of endorphins to our brains. Getting these natural lifts gives reduced anxiety and stress. Going back to work can increase feelings of anxiety and stress. Therefore reduce any mental health problems with a workout that fits with you.

back to work

Mental health problems have been at the forefront of peoples minds with all of the media coverage. Start reducing your risk of suffering any as when you do you become a naturally more productive person. We have already looked at how nutrition and feeding your brain can help, but by doing short bursts of exercise everyday is highly beneficial.


30 minutes exercise a day


Looking at your schedule could you fit just 30 minutes into your day for some exercise. You could either do the full 30 minutes in one go or break it down. By breaking down the 30 minutes you could either do 2 15 minute long bursts of exercise or 3 10 minute sessions. 

back to work exercise

It does not really matter how long each session is just as long as you do something to get some exercise. Exercises you do do not have to be strenuous, but something that gets your heart racing a bit. 

Examples of exercises that you could do are:

  • Going for a brisk walk (your lunch break is a great time for this)
  • Get a kettle bell or dumb bells and do some simple exercises to work out your core or arms
  • Go for a morning swim or after work as this will leave you feeling re energised

back to work swimming

If you have mobility issues and struggle with exercising for whatever reason, then swimming is a great option as it is low impact and you still get a great workout.

Here are some more ways in which you can get those happy hormones and reduce that procrastination.

Use a planner

back to work planner

Whether you prefer to use old fashioned pen and paper or technology, having a planner can increase your productivity. Not only does planners increase your productivity but they are also great for mental health issues. Mental health issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

As part of my personal and professional life, I love to use planners. Using planners to create a month plan, then break it down to a week plan and then break it down even further to a daily plan. Doing all of this planning keeps me on track to what I want to achieve in that month.

There are many different methods to using planners, you just need to find out what works best for you. 

If you are looking for a planner but not found the right type for you, this blog post from Nathalie Lussier guides you through top planners for entrepreneurs with a vision.

Create a vision board

back to work vision board

When you saw the heading ‘create a vision board’ you probably rolled your eyes thinking I am going to be talking nonsense. Though as a sceptic of vision boards myself when I first heard of them, I was surprised when I found out they actually do work.

Creating my own vision board by putting together a collage of pictures on my laptop. I never believed that this simple thing would ever work. Looking at the picture everyday (I put the vision board as my desktop screen) I never believed I would achieve anything by it.

To my disbelief, I had achieved 4 out of the 5 things I had put on my vision board. Even though I had always wanted to achieve those things before, it never happened. But this time it changed. Although I am still a sceptic about vision boards, I would give it another go if there were some things I really want to happen but struggling to make it happen.

If you want to learn more about vision boards and how they work, check out this article by The Positive Mom.

Go out and get networking

Mental health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression thrive when we are lonely. So take up the best prescription for that by going out and networking.

Now, I am not telling you to go out to a night club and hit the dance floor (unless that is what you want to do). 

Instead, go to some networking events in your town that has like minded people. These like minded people could be people:

  • who are of a similar age
  • has the same health issues (if you have one)
  • has the same hobbies 

2 great sites for you to find events in your area are Meetup and Eventbrite

Next Steps

Your mindset is what will allow you to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals. It can help you improve your surroundings. Allowing you to become a happier person. Attracting more positive people and situations to your life.

Unfortunately, for many, as they strive to achieve their goals and dreams. Struggling and getting caught up in the moment or becoming stuck in their failures.

Ending up losing track of why they are doing what they’re doing and find themselves merely going through the motions. You don’t have to continue to live this way. 

Once you start to shift your mindset, you will notice that everything else in your life changes with it and you will begin to find greater success and live a happier life.

By downloading the eBook in the image below, you will be able to make those mindset shifts. Ultimately, get the tools you need to:

  • Say no to negativity
  • Discipline yourself
  • Strive for success
  • Go after your goals

12 thoughts on “Beat the back to work blues (5 surprising strategies)”

  1. I am about to go back to university in a few weeks after being off since the end of May. I have found that having a planner and writing down a list of things I am either going to get done that day or am going to start/continue with has really helped me to get things done and not leave them to the last minute. I think I’m going to do some more of the things on this list, so thank you for these tips ☺️

    1. Good luck with University, there are many fantastic planners out there. Also as you are a university student, please take note of the nutrition as it is aimed at feeding your brain.

    1. Nutrition is really life changing, when I don’t have the right nutrition I cannot be productive. Also planners have really changed my business from taking a stab in the dark to making every minute count. Thank you for taking the time to read my post Chris

  2. Great advice! When I was working in an office setting I used to try to use my lunch hour to get out whether it was for a walk, a trip to the local coffee shop – anything to just get out of the building. Now I have a little more flexibility and try to have a work ‘somewhere outside’ day at least once a week.

    1. I had those same issues but I only could get 45 minutes out of the office or less. Now I take one day a week to go somewhere and sit outside for as much as I can and just get the clarity back in my head.

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