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5 Steps To A Sales Strategy for Bloggers

Starting a blog is an exciting time but have you ever thought about a sales strategy? With a sales strategy you can share more of your message with the world.

Bloggers are struggling to get sales. Struggling to get sales as they do not have a sales strategy put in place.

Even when you try to work out what sales strategy you need, you get overwhelmed by all of the information out there.

Staying in a state of overwhelm, you get confused and lost in what you are doing. Eventually you just lose focus and give up. Do not give up whatever your income goal is with your blog. 

In this blog I am going to walk you through each of the 5 stages you need for a complete sales strategy. There is even a case study for you to watch (look out for the link at the end of each stage).

Stage 1 Awareness

You have created an amazing blog. What do you do now? Sit and wait for people to come to you? 

How can you expect to get a flood of customers unless people know about you and your amazing blog?

awareness stage of sales strategy

You need to create a simple sales strategy to create awareness of you and your blog. Simple sales strategy that targets the right people to you and your blog.

When you don't create awareness

If you do not create awareness of you and your blog then you will not get the traffic and be able to upsell your content. Without upselling your content then you are not monetizing your blog and it is just a hobby blog not a serious blog.

If you do not take your blog seriously then how can you expect readers to do so. Readers that you want to click on external links that results in money for you.

 No, you go out there and shout out about it from the rooftops.

awareness stage of sales strategy

Get on you favourite social media platform. Dominate that social media platform. Converse with real people, network with other bloggers and share your blog daily. 


Get dominating

Share your blog as much as you can. You have created an amazing blog and you are doing a disservice by not sharing it with the world.

Also use search engine optimization (SEO) to create awareness of your blog. Edit your blog to include keywords. Keywords that your readers are using when finding on Google  a solution to their problem. Yoast SEO is a fantastic plugin that helps you to optimize your content further with a simple traffic light system.

Another way to generate awareness in your sales strategy is by writing guest posts. Guest posts will bring traffic to your website as you get a backlink. Whats even better is that you can be paid to create a guest post. 

Here is a list of 150 sites that pay guest posters. I have made plenty of money doing this as part of my income stream and it has excelled my traffic to my blog.


Meet Sarah

blogger sales strategy

Sarah is a food blogger just like you. She started her blog as a hobby but then grew it into a big business.

Read Sarah's story here and what having a sales strategy did for her blog

Stage 2 Lead Magnet

Lead magnets. What are they? Put simply a lead magnet is a free piece of content such as a downloadable PDF, free trial of a service or even a webinar. 

The purpose of this, is to attract your target market to your business and put the onto your email list. Your email list is an important component of your sales strategy.

sales strategy lead magnet

Not having the right lead magnet means that

  • You do not attract the right people
  • People get confused about who you are and what you are offering them
  • You do not grow your email list

Email marketing is your opportunity as a blogger to monetise your audience for as long as they are a subscriber. Monetise your audience with sending daily emails about

  • New blog posts
  • Industry news
  • Exclusive offers you have to share with them

By not having a lead magnet or one that resonates with your audience then you are not able to monetise your audience. Create a lead magnet that resonates with your audience that solves your customers big problem

Read Sarah's story here and what having a sales strategy did for her blog

Stage 3 Profit Maximiser

Profit maximisers are a low cost offer and part of any great sales strategy. This low cost offer is to cover the marketing expenses. Examples of profit maximisers are eBooks or eCourses.

By not having a profit maximiser you will struggle to start monetising your audience. Monetising your audience at this stage covers your costs and opens the door to higher cost products to sell. 

By not covering your costs you are constantly throwing money away every month leaving you feel despondent. 

frustrated at creating a sales strategy

Having a profit maximiser not only covers your costs, but you have to think of the statistics. Statistics say that out of a 100 signups to your free offer only a couple will take up the low cost offer.

Seduce your audience

Making a real tempting offer and get more signups to your low cost offer by offering a solution to the real big problem. Here is an example

  • Awareness: blog post about Instagram marketing
  • Lead magnet: webinar 4 strategies to become a Instagram influencer (only giving the what and why)
  • Profit maximiser: low cost coaching that gives you the how to become a Instagram Influencer

As you can see in the example you have to create a strategy where each one clearly flows into the next stage.

Creating this clear flow maximises the chances of your audience signing up to your low cost offer.

Watch Sarah's story and how she built her blog from a hobby to a serious business with a clear and concrete sales strategy.

Stage 4 Follow Up

Follow Up with email marketing. You will hear time and time again that email marketing is dead. It is just a myth that marketeers want you to believe.

Marketeers what you to believe this so they can get bigger results from email marketing. as there will be less competition. So get started with email marketing.

Not doing email marketing causes you to lose a fan of your work as they will just forget about you.

Consequences of not using email marketing for your blog are that you will struggle to grow your blog. Making bigger offers to your audience such as

  • Coaching programs
  • Subscriptions
  • Freelance services

Use email marketing to contact your audience daily with information around your offer that they will find useful.

Occasionally offer paid products that have a higher price point and offer them an exclusive discount code for being a loyal customer. Of course use your emails to keep them up to date with your blog and when you are releasing a new blog.

Really sell your blog to them and encourage them to comment on the blog and share it on social media.

Sarah a food blogger, ended her frustration with all of the tools out there. Watch her story here.

Stage 5 Core Offer

Core offers are the premium priced products you want to sell to your audience. As a blogger, your premium priced product may be a course with a price tag like £1497 or higher. Another premium price offer you may offer as a blogger is to be a speaker at an event.

core offer of sales strategy

One big problem as entrepreneurs we all suffer from from time to time is imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is where you have a lot of self doubt in yourself. Therefore, making your core offer can be very scary.

Some people avoid this by just getting to the fourth stage and not going any further. Not going any further leaves you stuck at only being able to offer products at a lower price point. Only offering products at a lower price point does not get you to that dream of becoming a six figure blogger.

If you truly want to become a six figure blogger then you are going to have to take that scary step and present your core offer to your audience.

Yes your core offer will not  be for everyone. Your audience may decide to unsubscribe to you. But they may just decide to stay subscribed to you and just keep learning from you for free.

To sell your core offer to your audience you want to present it in a way that you are giving them exclusive training to solve their pain point that is related to the core offer.

In the training you want to give them that big breakthrough and then trickle in the idea that your core offer will be the obvious next step for your audience to take.

Next Steps...

As you have seen there are 5 steps to creating a complete sales strategy for your blog. Not convinced? Watch Sarah's story. 

Sarah is a food blogger who started her blog as a hobby and then took it into a serious business that generated her a six figure income.

Sarah did this by creating a sales strategy that took her audience from that awareness stage and then through small upsells could sell her premium product.

Watch Sarah's story clicking here.

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Let me know in the comments below how you are going to implement a sales strategy in your blog. I respond to each and every comment made.

18 thoughts on “5 Steps To A Sales Strategy for Bloggers”

    1. The strategies discussed will always to relevant so whenever you are ready to create a sales strategy it will still be useful information.

    1. Look at the core offer you want to sell at the end and then you create a clear path to get there.

      If you were wanting to sell an e-course, you would firstly create a lead magnet that leads to the e-course.

      You would sell the e-course by putting it on the ‘thank you’ page when someone opt ins for the lead magnet.

      But to begin with you need a blog post that answers the smaller problem and the lead magnet is the next obvious step for people to take.

      Follow me on Twitter, I would love to discuss this with you further.

  1. Great tips. Follow up is really important. That is what I do in my full-time job as a Customer Success person on a monthly basis. It works well as the customers like to inform you of the feedback and what is going on with themselves.

  2. Thanks, Alison! This is something I need to work on, but I’m still learning basic things such as how to improve the quality of my content and how to drive traffic. However, I believe I should start learning about sales strategies if I really want to make it worth the effort.

    Thanks for the tips!

    – aimlief

    1. Thank you Aimlief for reading the blog. When you have figured out how you are going to drive traffic, then these sales strategies shall still be relevant.

    1. Thank you Corynn. I am writing this blog to help people not make the mistakes I did and create a more successful business from the start not after they got drowned in a pile of debt or near breaking point.

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