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Bluehost Tutorial 2019 | Getting Started

BlueHost is a web hosting company. Web hosting companies are important for when you have a website. As I once explained to a client


‘You rent your website from a hosting company and you can design your website however you want but you have to pay a monthly fee to the hosting company.'


As one of the largest web hosting services around today. They are one of the most trusted hosting providers, and they currently power over two million websites worldwide.


Is BlueHost a good host to have?


BlueHost is one of the officially recommended hosting service companies by WordPress since 2005 and hosting more than 20 million sites worldwide.


Whether you need cloud hosting or hosting optimized for WordPress, Bluehost has a variety of plans to fit any website.


Is there an alternative?


There are naturally competing hosting companies and this is one I have had personal experience of, GoDaddy. 


When I first wanted a website for my business, I chose to go with GoDaddy. When I got my WordPress site I struggled with it. Looking for help from their customer service team, I got next to nothing in response. They never really helped me, so I quickly canceled the contract with them and tried BlueHost. 


BlueHost pricing plans


As I am just a blogger and coach, just having the basic package is enough. What I love about it is that you get an SSL certificate, email account and domain for free when you buy the package. At only $2.95 per month, you are getting a really great deal. 


Additionally for your peace of mind, if you change your mind there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. The only thing that you have to remember is that when you are renewing your contract with BlueHost the price goes up to normal pricing.

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost pricing


Click on the above images to get this phenomenal offer.


After choosing your package


When you choose which BlueHost package you are after, you are sent to a page to set up your domain.

bluehost domains setup

You can either choose to create a new domain or use an existing domain. If you are creating a new domain here are some tips on how you should name your domain.


If the domain you are wanting, is already being used, then BlueHost will give you some suggestions.


After choosing your domain name, you are sent to a page to create an account with BlueHost. Make sure you keep a note somewhere secure and private of those details as you need it to log back into the control panel and control your account with BlueHost.


Enjoy starting to build your website!

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