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Complete Guide To Facebook Ads Targeting

When I started out making money in the online world, I first turned to eCommerce (more specifically dropshipping) as I thought it would be easy to advertise. Soon learning the truth that Facebook Ads targeting is so much more easier said than done. 

Today I am going to guide you through how to do Facebook Ads targeting that you are going to be spending a whole lot less and getting a higher return. But first, check out my eBook ‘Facebook Ads Authority’. Not only will you learn how to do Facebook Ads targeting to get more leads, but also build brand awareness and make more sales.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, you have got two choices:

  1. General Targeting
  2. Niche Targeting

General Targeting


General targeting is what I call the cereal packets targeting. You are targeting everybody, as everybody no matter who they are will have a need for that product such as cereal. Under general targeting, I would just target online shopping but all people and all ages. It really is that simple.

Niche Targeting


Niche targeting is Facebook Ads targeting at a very specific audience. So how do you do that? 

Again you want to target online shoppers, but more importantly you want to target ‘engaged shoppers’. 

Next target the brands that are most relevant to your target market. For example, if you are targeting trainers for runners

  • search on Google trainers for runners 
  • look under shopping results at the top 5 brands
  • add these top 5 brands as an interest on your Facebook Ads

Ideally you want your Facebook Ad to have a reach of at least 1 million people and target specific locations. You must remember these two top tips:

  1. Don’t Overthink It!
  2. Facebook is Smarter than you think and can find your buyer using the targeting information you give

Top 5 Facebook Ads Mistakes

First started doing Facebook Ads, I made so many mistakes. It is truly unbelievable how much money I was throwing away with these truly horrific mistakes. Here are my top 5 mistakes that is commonly made and what I did as well. 

1. Don’t understand who the audience is.   


Understanding who your audience is important first and foremost. When I started dropshipping I was selling cosmetics and I thought that it would be just really easy to target specific pages. What I did not understand was that Facebook uses a lot of data to decide if someone is interested, not just if they liked a Facebook page. They look at the level of engagement with the Facebook page and Google search habits as well as other information that they are privy to.

2. Every interest is equal


People who are interested in Harry Kane are not necessarily interested in football! A-list celebrities may appear to be great people to target but ARE NOT! Celebrities such as footballers are not just a footballer, but they are a brand and promote various products as well as a lifestyle people aspire to have. When promoting a product through Facebook Ads targeting, you want to target less well known people but are in that niche. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of eBook to create profitable Facebook Ads clicking the image below.

3. Most Obvious Interests


Ask yourself ‘What else does your ideal buyer buy?’ 

Going back to the example of cosmetics, you would also want to target brands that are aligned with the interest of your ideal buyer. With the example of cosmetics, people might also be buying perfume and hair products. Which brands would they be buying from? 

When I was targeting people who would be buying cosmetics, I should have targeted shops of the same price tag. Or a brand of cosmetics that would be the same pricing. Looking back, this is really clear to me now and I make money from this, but a few years ago it was not. 

I know that Facebook Ads targeting is changing all the time, which is why I am showing you this eBook that will help you take out the noise and focus on what really does work.

4. Not Split Test


When I started, I did not even understand this at all. It is even really embarrassing to admit this, but I just did not get it. Eventually I learnt all about split testing and how it works and how to do it on Facebook Ads. 

Create a split test, which is simply running more than one Facebook Ad to finding out which works best. 

You create an ad, then you create another with the same text and image but with different targeting. 

Alternatively, you can have the same targeting but a different text and different image. 

What this does for you is narrow down what is attracting your target market to your adverts and what is not working but draining your money. 

5. Layering


Overlap 2 brands, for example if people are interested in Maybelline they are likely to be interested also in Rimmel. Look at the brands in your niche and overlap those brands who attract similar people and have similar pricing and products. 

Look at your target market and thinking about their shopping habits and which brands they are looking at right now. Who is currently advertising on billboards and television? They are putting themselves in front of your target market and placing themselves into their minds when choosing where to buy from. 

You can take advantage of this and placing yourself as the alternative to that brand.

Copywriting is defined as 

The act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Writing your Facebook Ads means writing copy, but here is 5 steps to writing great copy without paying thousands to learn the skills or paying a professional. I spent years truly honing my skills and it comes back to split testing to see what truly works and resonates with your target market.

Writing Great Copy Guide


 1.  Get their attention


To grab your target markets attention, write a headline that is short, concise and straight to the point. Popular headlines are thought provoking or controversial as they grab peoples attention as they scroll through the newsfeed.

2.  Mention their problem 


In the top 6 lines you want to start by acknowledging the ideal buyers problem and you understand them. These 6 lines are important, it is what will be engaging with the reader and make them what to click more. Don’t be too broad in mentioning the problem, stick to your client avatar and write so you are have a 1:1 conversation with them. At the end of the 6 lines you want to agitate that problem, agitating that problem makes them realise what will happen if they don’t fix that problem.

3.  Your Solution


Woohoo, you’ve got them past the first six lines, now you want to paint a picture of heaven. Never give away too many details at the start of the solution, but gently draw them in through storytelling. Throughout your story, focus on the results your product can give and not the process. For example if you are selling a skincare product you want to focus on the end result of getting youthful skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. People are not interested in or buy the process of how the skincare product works, they buy the end results.

4. Results, Results, Results


As said before, people buy results and you want to show this off visually as well as through the text in the story. To show off the results visually, put in the video a testimonial of a person talking about the product. If you are only doing images not video, do a before and after picture of a real persons results from the product.

5. Call to Action


This must be the most important part of an ad, but so often overlooked. People need to be told what they need to do to get what is being advertised. So write one clear action people need to take to get the product. Do not confuse people and always make it a low investment, especially if you are a small business as you don’t have the reputation and trust the larger brands have.

Remember whenever you are writing copy for anything you want to truly capture their hearts. This is best done with storytelling as to how a product (any product you are promoting) can improve their lives. 

11 thoughts on “Complete Guide To Facebook Ads Targeting”

    1. Thank you Chris. I want people to stop believing the hype that Facebook Ads are dead when they aren’t. You just need to be more strategic with targeting.

    1. Good luck with your next Facebook Ad and let me know if my advice helped. To further help you, download the eBook Facebook Ads Authority which gives you further insight to further advanced targeting techniques.

  1. I had no clue either about split testing or layering, so thank you. You are absolutely right good copy is of the utmost importance.

    1. There are so many mistakes that can be done easily when you don’t really know what you are doing with Facebook Ads. Avoid these mistakes and make Facebook Ads profitable rather than throw your money away.

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