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Top 3 Tips | Ecommerce Facebook Ads Targeting

Developing a Facebook ad can be tricky to do. After reading this blog, you will have some of that hard work taken out. You will get the top 3 tips for targeting any product niche or general.

Tip 1 General Targeting for Facebook Ad

General targeting for a Facebook Ad is what I call cereal ads. Cereal ads are ads for products that everybody likes and uses daily. Therefore, you have to treat general targeting for a Facebook Ad like a box of cereal. 

“If you market to everybody, you market to nobody.”

This is true. Using a laptop (something very general), I will show you the step by step tips to create a Facebook Ad for it. More specifically how to target a general product. 

Which demographics to use?


Target both men and women, as laptops are clearly a general product used by both. For the age range choose between 24 – 64. Do not choose under 24 as because a lot of them do not yet have the disposable income. 

A lot of under 24’s have just left education, starting a family and a full time career. Therefore, they do not have the spare money. Reason for not choosing people that are 65+ is plain and simple. 

A lot of them are more sceptical about online shopping and do not see it as safe to purchase products online.


Which interests to use?


You may be thinking that with general products, this does not apply. Interests do still apply to creating a general product ad. Biggest secret is to choose ‘engaged shoppers’ as part of your targeting choices. 

Engaged shoppers are people who are known to buy something from Facebook and are likely to do so again. Take a look now at what your audience size is. 

Over 2 million? Start narrowing it down. Audience size of 500,000 – 2 million is optimum. 

Using a laptop as an example, narrow it down by choosing interests such as gadgets or laptops. 

Narrow it down even further by choosing a specific country. If you live in the UK, choose UK and Ireland. Expand next to more English speaking countries such as Canada and USA. This helps to narrow down the audience and not make it too broad. 

If you wanted to target all English speaking countries, simply run multiple ads at the same time or consecutively but targeting specific countries in each ad set.

Tip 2 Niche Targeting for Facebook Ads

Niche targeting for Facebook Ad starts with the same principal as the general targeting. As you are going niche, you now need to be very specific about the person you are targeting.

Identify your niche firstly. Look at the top brands in your niche. HP, Dell, Lenovo etc would be Laptop brands to include into your targeting

What do you do if you are not selling a known branded product? 

Dropshippers for unknown brands wanting to sell one of their laptops found on dropshipping sites such as Aliexpresswill want to take the following 3 steps.

To target people who would be interested in this laptop take these simple 3 steps:


Step 1 Research top brands


Research top brands  by typing into Google ‘notebooks’. Take a look at the top 5 brands that come up on the shopping results.


Step 2 Target those brands


Go back to the ad you are creating and type into the ‘interests’ the top 5 brands that I have found.


Step 3 Check the audience size


Remember that audience size as we still want to keep it in the range and not let it get too broad. If it is going too broad, adjust the targeting you have done so far by being more specific on age, gender, location and brand.

Tip 3 Integrate Facebook Pixel with Shopify

You may have heard of the Facebook Pixel. Did you know that you can integrate it with your Shopify store? Here are two important reasons why you need to do this.


Reason 1 Track your website behaviour


With the Facebook Pixel you can see:

  • what people are adding to their cart
  • what they purchase
  • what they are browsing 

When you have this data allows you to decide whether or not your campaigns are successful or not. Also you can see how well your tracking is. 



Reason 2 Create custom audiences based on previous behaviour



Secondly, you are able to create custom audiences based on people’s behaviours on your website. Create an audience of people who have added items to the cart but not made a purchase. Also create an audience of people who’ve already purchased.

Ask Facebook to create what’s called a look-a-like audience based on your group of purchases. This way you have a group of highly qualified people in this audience that you can go ahead and show more ads to now.

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Tips | Ecommerce Facebook Ads Targeting”

  1. As somebody who is just now starting to build his personal blog and facebook page this is a great source of information. Thanks for sharing. I had some issues trying to select how to promote my FB page since the audience I am searching for is hard to narrow down.

    I believe what you shared will really benefit me.

    1. Yeah I hear a lot that people can be confused by all of the information out there. I am just trying to let people know how to do Facebook marketing and cut through the noise. I am glad you found the post so helpful. There is an extra tool linked in the post to help you out more with Facebook Ads.

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