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4 strategies to get agency clients

To get agency clients can be hard work to do. When you know how to get agency clients, you can implement a strategy to get agency clients on autopilot.

I spoke to a client for my virtual assistant business and he said:

“I am wanting to start essentially a one man agency in my town.

I am still working on getting everything started.

Basically I need some ideas on how to get my first few clients to get myself started.

I know I need to build up some connections, but sadly my city just doesn't have very many business networking events, or if they do they are not easily discoverable from any search I try.

Would offering my services to a non profit be a good first step? As in just doing some work for free for them to practice my entire process, and then refine it more, and then ask them if they have any business connections that I could reach out to for my services as well (maybe even for the first few offer a kickback small % to the non profit)

Has anyone done this before, or what would be the best way to get the first few paying clients on hand?”

My reply to this was to concentrate on these things:

  • Your Local Network
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Sales Funnels

Bemused I explained further and then it clicked, now he is getting an abundance of clients. This is how you can have the same using the same strategies.

Get Agency Clients With These 4 Easy To Implement Strategies

Get Agency Clients By Leveraging Your Local Network

When you are starting an agency and looking for clients, start with your local town. However big or small the area is that you live in there will be businesses or people who know of business owners who need the help that you provide. It is always a good idea to start with creating 1-5 alliances with people who need your service or are aligned with your business and can give you some great referrals.  

Start local

To begin with I suggest that you join a local business networking event. When you attend a business networking event, get to know people in the room, work out who is aligned with your business and get to know them.

People who are aligned with what you do are people who have a business but are not a direct competitor though take on similar clients to yourself. For example, I have a virtual assistant business and people who are aligned to me are people who have marketing agencies, social media agencies and web designers. I don't offer these services in my virtual assistant business, but we serve the same people.

Start conversations strategically

Conversation starters when you go to a networking group that builds an interest in you is simply by asking these 3 questions:

  1. What is your business doing right now?
  2. What future projects do you have lined up?
  3. Do you have any problems/struggles with (problem you solve ie social media)?

By asking these 3 questions you are warming up people you have just met and not coming over a sleazy sales man who doesn't care about the client.

Find networking events

To find a business networking event that is local to me and has my target market in is BNIeventbrite and meetup. BNI is great as it only allows one company per industry. For example, if you are a social media marketing agency they will only take in you if there is nobody else that does the same thing. 

Meetup is a social media platform that is underestimated. I have built many relationships and got many referrals by attending events that has my target market in.

Get Agency Clients Using The Power Of Google

If you're not showing up on Google web results, maps and images then you have a problem. You are missing out on vital traffic of potential prospects who are looking for your services. Here is how you can get started by using the power of Google:

  1. Create a Google My Business Account
  2. Claim Your Maps Listing
  3. Add Images 
  4. Create High Quality Content With Your Target Markets Keywords
  5. Guest Post On Websites That Are Aligned With You
  6. Get Listed On Business Directories
  7. Create Social Media Profiles For Your Business

Get Agency Clients Using Linkedin

Linkedin must be an under estimated platform as when I talk to people they don't understand how it is possible to get their ideal clients on Linkedin. I have for you my suggestions on how you can do this.

Profile Optimisation 

Firstly, you need to fill your profile and to write a summary that explains what you do to your ideal customer but in a way that gets results. When people read summaries about a business, they are not interested in the process, they are interested in the results you can give them. So when writing your profile focus on the results you can give using the keywords they use.

Build Your Network

Secondly, you want to start building your network. Here is how to do it successfully. 

  • Search for your target market by job title and location
  • Filter the results to second degree connections
  • Look at the profiles of those you would like to connect with
  • Make a note of their profile as to any groups you are both part of, any posts or articles they have written
  • Send a connection request
  • Add a note to the request saying that you would like to connect as you are both part of X group or found there post or article interesting (Adding this note increases your chances of getting accepted)

What to say to your new connection (without being spammy)

When your connection request is accepted, whatever you do don't go straight into a sales pitch. All you will do is look like a spammer and lose that connection. Start a conversation with them by asking:

"Do you have any upcoming projects?"

"Do you have a website so I can look at your business?"

Asking these questions you are more likely to start and build a relationship that will lead to a sale or a referral. So now you have some more information about them, give them some free information that can help them (people love free help and are more likely to be receptive to you in the future). After a couple of days follow up with them. Ask if they have used the free information. If they have ask if they would like a free or low cost product or trial of your product.


Another way to use your relationship with prospect is to focus on asking for referrals. If you are going to ask for referrals, you need to start by giving them a referral. Nobody likes someone who is just taking. I must get approached 2-3 times a day with people asking me to refer people to them. The problem is they give me no reason why I should refer my clients to their product and they are not offering me any clients in return. So when using this approach always make it mutually beneficial to you and the prospect.

News Feed

Did you know that the news feed itself is a great way of connecting with new prospects. When you post on the news feed or comment on somebody else's post then you are reaching a wider audience. Write daily on the news feed high quality content for your own post. Comment something insightful on somebody else's post.


We all know about Facebook Lives, but did you know Linkedin also does the same. Linkedin Lives are a underused form of posting and the platform just wants videos. Post a video or do a live on Linkedin and they will put it at the top of the newsfeed making sure that you reach a large audience. Stop hiding and get on video giving your insightful high quality content.

Next Steps With Linkedin Lead Generation

If you need further help with Linkedin Lead Generation but don't have the time to do it yourself, my business partner Josh Turner founder of Linkedin Selling can work 1:1 with you. 

Get Agency Clients With Sales Funnels

Sales funnels or sales pipelines whatever you prefer to call them, you can use them to nurture your cold prospects into red hot buyers. So what does the sales funnel look like for an agency? Here is an infographic to show you more.

Get Agency Clients With Sales Funnels of Sales Pipelines

To build sales funnels for agencies I recommend the software Clickfunnels. You can use Clickfunnels to create a high end professional sales funnel with your own branding. All this is done with its simple drag and drop feature. What is even better, you don't need to sign up to lots of different marketing software or even a website. It is all there in one place! 

Get this case study to learn more, just click here and get it delivered straight to your inbox. Even better, they are offering a 14 day trial and if you want to can cancel at any point you can do so with just the click of the button. There is no need to phone a customer representative to cancel where they just push you into staying, you can cancel straight away with a click of the button.

So those are my 4 ways to get agency clients, if you have any further suggestions please comment below and I will reply. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and share this blog on social media.

2 thoughts on “4 strategies to get agency clients”

  1. Some great tips here, all of which are equally applicable to freelancers, especially the networking conversation ice breakers, thank you! And I didn’t know about LInkedIn live either so although video is a scary step too far for me just now, I will bear it in mind 🙂

    Lisa |

    1. Yes it is applicable to all different niches, I am glad though that you have come across the post and taken some great advice from it. Big tip with video, put a piece of A4 paper over your computer screen and look at the camera when talking. That way you are not distracted by your appearance and tell people at the start of a live you will respond to comments but at the end. Or whenever you are brave enough to look at them.

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