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Best Way To Get Engagement On LinkedIn

What exactly is the best way to getting engagement on Linkedin? This is a question that is asked over and over again. Getting engagement on Linkedin does change as people change the way in which they consume information. Now you may be thinking that Linkedin is one of the least used social media platforms, but when you create highly effective posts then you can get:

  • Targeted traffic to your website
  • Leads for your email marketing campaign
  • Engaged conversation with your target market

Here are my top 3 ways in getting engagement on Linkedin.

Use Videos For Getting Engagement on Linkedin

Videos are not just for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Since Linkedin launched video posts in 2017, businesses of whatever size have been slowly adopting this addition to their own marketing campaign.  If you have not started yet using videos in your Linkedin posts and think you have missed out on the opportunity, don’t worry. Linkedin is begging for more videos and when you post a video then it shows on the top feed giving you more engagement. If you have not done a video before, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Be where you have good lighting
  • Don’t sit directly with the window behind you (or you will look all black)
  • Have a piece of paper covering your screen and look directly at your camera in the top middle. This makes you appear to be talking to your audience and you won’t get distracted with what what you look like
  • Have some notes to the side, just a few pointers to keep you on track
  • Keep the video short and concise as people only consume about 10 mins of video at a time
  • Do a tester to make sure that you have a clear voice and getting your point across clearly

Share Industry News

Utilize the news from the experts in your niche by sharing it on your news feed and share an opinion on the news. Why would you do this? Simple, you position yourself as an authority in your niche and get noticed. Getting engagement on Linkedin with this method is simple. After you have given your opinion ask what your own Linkedin network opinion is. If you have some certain people in your network it would affect or be interested in, then tag them in the post.

Tagging them in the post will make your post show up in their newsfeed and they will respond as they will be flattered to be asked for their opinion. Adding their opinion in the comments section will make your post appear in the top news feed for you and those who comment. Not only are you higher in the top news feeds but you are also higher in your connections top news feed who commented. This is great news as people you are not already connected with will see the post and may write their own comment or want to connect with you. Again, as these new people make their own comments, it will crawl up further on the top news feed and more people will see the post.

Do you see now how sharing a bit of industry news can create a snowball effect with my simple method. Try it out for yourself and I would love to see what results you get. Please share in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Comment On Other Peoples Post

Commenting on other peoples posts are one of my favourite ways to get engagement on Linkedin and build my network. As discussed in the last post, when you post a comment it not only gets seen by your network but by other people who are second or third degree networks. Leave an interesting or thought provoking comment and people reply to it and will want to talk about what you said in more detail.

After I have a small discussion with them on a post, I then look at their profile to get to know them more, send a connection request with a note added saying that you would love to connect with them and add a small reason why (no sales pitch though!)

Thank you for taking time and reading my blog post, I hope that you have enjoyed it and found it useful in learning other tactics to increase engagement on Linkedin. Leave a comment below with any other tactics that you use in getting engagement on Linkedin. 

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