Framework to Increase Visibility with Storytelling in 2019 (and beyond)

Storytelling is powerful! When you embrace storytelling you naturally increase your visibility as your audience will resonate with you more.

You have established your business and have a few people telling you how much they love what you do. But how can you reach a wider audience rather than just your friends or a few people? With the power of storytelling!

Argh storytelling! That is going to be tricky to do, right?

Stop spending hours on every single social media platform out there trying to get noticed but all you are getting is the sound of crickets.

Focus on creating a story. By creating a story you are able to touch your audiences hearts and break it down into smaller pieces of content for social media. By doing this you will stop getting crickets and start getting engagement.

Engagement is what is needed for social media to pay attention to you and rank you higher on news feeds.

Immediately end this need to spend as much time as you can trying to build an audience. Ending this nonsense will stop you feeling completely burned out. When you feel burned out you feel like you should just quit your business and go and get a J.O.B!

Powerful Storytelling

Storytelling is useful for businesses as it tells potential customers about the backstory of a business. Who created it and how it started.

Also with storytelling you get to know their struggles and how they became who they are today. 

Businesses of all sizes use storytelling in their marketing. By creating a large story, they are able to create smaller stories. These small stories are then used in the marketing materials such as social media posts and other marketing materials.

Examples of storytelling

I am sure you have heard of the backstory of Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook).


Well if you haven’t already, he is a Harvard University dropout. Mark dropped out of University to concentrate on his project. That project being Facebook. 

Another example of storytelling for business, I will show you on a smaller scale.

Smaller scale businesses as well as larger ones all use storytelling. Here is an example of the story of Michelle Dale.

michelle dale

Michelle Dale is a virtual assistant who packed up her bags, left the UK and is now travelling the world.

Look at how Michelle uses her storytelling in her business.

Storytelling structure

Having a structure to your storytelling makes your words more compelling to the reader and draws them in further. A fantastic structure to storytelling is by using the HERO story.

Having a HERO story as part of your storytelling is

  • Getting your audience to know you and your backstory
  • Increasing your visibility
  • Build rapport with your fans
  • Create an epiphany for your audience

HERO storytelling starts with the character (you) having a struggle then an epiphany that get’s them out of the struggle.

Next Steps

Now you have created your HERO story you can use that in creating a system that captures more leads and sales.

Using your HERO story you can create a messaging machine.

A messaging machine is a system where you share specific messages with someone once they reach out to you for your help.

We have all those salesy messages when we connect with someone on Facebook or LinkedIn and we try to not come across like that ourselves. But it is tricky!

If you want to turn your story into a lead generating system and achieve your desired income goals then download this free eBook.

When you get the free eBook you will also get a free video training series. Video training series so you learn more about turning your story into a messaging machine.

12 thoughts on “Framework to Increase Visibility with Storytelling in 2019 (and beyond)”

  1. Excellent tip. The more you connect with your audience the greater the chances of engagement. You are right, effective communication is based on good storytelling. xx

    1. Yes it is and I have seen a lot on social media that people just don’t understand this or if they do don’t know how to do a basic structure.

    1. Yes they sure do, we all grow up with stories but we forget to apply it to our business. From my own experience and talking to people it is all about not just how to start or structure a story.

    1. When I started storytelling, nobody told me how I could structure it and so I want to help people now with this simple framework

    1. I never had a framework and I wanted to give you a framework as it is so important when you need to do storytelling.

  2. The power of a well-told story is central to my day job as a funeral celebrant. I love being able to share the story of someones life!
    I try to do the same with my own writing – tell a good story.
    Thanks for sharing some of your own tips! Much appreciated!

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