linkedin connection requests

LinkedIn Connection Requests

Linkedin connection requests are a common problem such as this one when I spoke to a client of mine.

“So I get loads of invites from people who I do not know – as I am guessing most people do. I received a request this morning from someone at a company I thought looked decent and I might be interested in speaking to. Within 60 seconds of accepting I received a copy and pasted message. I don’t want wining and dining before doing business with someone but a simple hello would be nice.”

So what is the proper etiquette to making Linkedin connection requests I have 3 top tips on how you can achieve proper Linkedin etiquette and still make great new connections.

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The basic principle of how to choose people to connect with is to comment on peoples posts and or read their article on Pulse. When you have made the comment and or read their article, look at their profile page and note why you would want to connect with them.

This is a very important tip in making a connection request and the first step to building a real relationship with this prospect. So ideally here you want to put in the note how you came across them and that you would like to connect. Important point is that you don’t put any sales messages in here as people will reject your invite straight away. You will be seen as another spammer and no one wants that image.

Here you just want to be polite and thank them for connecting, not pitching to them. All you need to do is say ‘thank you for connecting’ and then engage them further into conversation with you. This can be done through continuing on the post conversation. Or converse with them about their article telling them about your thoughts and asking them for their thoughts on other but similar issues.

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After you have achieved these 3 steps you will now be on the prospects radar, so keep it this way! This can be achieved through commenting on further posts, ask them about their business such as what they do, do they have a website for you to look at and subscribe to their lead magnet (if they have one). If you become a subscriber, you start to look like a fan of theirs and genuinely interested in their business.

Now this is crucial, with all of the information you have on your prospect, look for any gaps in their business where you can help them. But don’t go in all guns blazing with a sales pitch, you are still warming them up! Instead offer a free resource to help them fill in the gap only then you can give a low cost offer.

When the prospect buys the low cost offer you really do now have a red hot prospect who is genuinely interested in how you can help them. So here is your time now to pitch them your high ticket offer and you can do this without feeling that you never came over as a spammer. Plus what is even better, you can get an endorsement, a testimonial and a case study of your work with the prospect/buyer.  The buyer is a raving fan and will spread the word about you to their network online and offline.

These same principals can be applied even when someone sends you a connection request. All you need to do is to just start from the connection accepted message and adjust accordingly.

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