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Ultimate marketing automation tool

Trying to grow your business is an uphill battle where you are always asking

How are other people and businesses doing it and making it look so simple?

keep it simple stupid

Maybe your just left feeling that they probably have a big team of experts who do all the work and you are just starting out or just a one man (or woman) band. 

Yes that is true! They do have a team of experts in the background. But trust me, they did not start out that way. When they started, they probably felt the same way you do now and had the same problem. Then they come across the marketing industries big secret.

What is that secret? 

Marketing automation tools and the ultimate tool in the industry. A tool that is so powerful, experts in every industry are just falling over themselves getting their hands on it. 

Before I let you in on what this tool is, let me explain to you what marketing automation tools are and why you want them.

What are marketing automation tools?

marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools are softwares that helps businesses to simplify there marketing processes. There are many different types of marketing automation tools that do different things.

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Chat Bots
  • Webinars
  • Registration Pages
  • Payment Methods

As you can see from the list marketing automation tools can do a lot, plus there is more that they can do such as analytics among other things.

Problem with marketing automation tools

problem with marketing automation tools

Getting started with marketing automation tools is very exciting to do. You now have a way to get customers from first finding out about you to becoming a buyer of yours.

Creating an account with a leading provider for your email marketing, then another for your landing page, then another for your payment method and so on. Before you know it you have signed up with lots of different accounts and ending up with a big monthly bill.

Additionally, you need to keep up with exactly the same branding. Branding is essential to get your message across to your buyer. Getting that same consistent message across on all the different platforms is a real struggle to do.

Surely though the secret to marketing success is to keep it simple. Why can this not be done with marketing automation tools?

Have just one account where you can have it all. One account where you can

  • Get your brand message across to your buyer
  • Create a simple buying process for the buyer
  • Create a process that addresses each buyers wants and needs with each different decision they make
  • A marketing automation tool that people in your niche are having big success with and have the proof to show you

Let me introduce you to the marketing automation tool which is the real secret sauce to the gurus success.


What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is on all in one marketing automation tool where you will NEVER need to use another platform. Yes! All in one platform that only has one account and one bill each month. Get started with a 14 day free trial by clicking here.

Who is Clickfunnels for?

Clickfunnels is for a wide range of business owners. Business owners that do not even need to be an online business but instead a brick and mortar business. Here is a list of the business types it does work for. 

Click on the type you identify with and get a case study (of real people) delivered to your inbox.

Creator of Clickfunnels

clickfunnels creator

Creator of Clickfunnels Russell Brunson is a marketing expert from USA. Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs.  Selling hundreds of thousands of copies of his books and popularised the concept of sales funnels. 

ClickFunnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

Helping You Build A Profitable Business

Signing up for Clickfunnels, you either have two choices. Choice 1 do it yourself but still get daily emails to help you build your sales funnel. Choice 2 you get hands on support for 30 days from people who have built successful sales funnels with their Clickfunnels account.

Signing up for choice 2, you will receive a kit that is shipped to you straight away. The kit looks like this

one funnel away kit

  • Book: Insight into how people are already having huge success with Clickfunnels and looking behind the scenes with their own funnel
  • Challenge workbook that gives you a task to do everyday. This accompanies a 30 day video series that you will get access to on your computer.
  • MP3 player that has all of Russells trainings (his knowledge is priceless in itself)

Clickfunnels is by no means a get rich quick scheme but a real genuine tool that the top earners are leveraging.

Next Steps

As you have learnt marketing automation tools are great to have in building your business. Problems arise when you start having to have multiple accounts. Ending up costing you lots with little ROI.

Clickfunnels is a marketing automation tool that is all in one and costs less than when you put all these different ones together.

Now you have 2 choices to make.

Choice 1:

Sign up here to Clickfunnels and get their 14 day free trial but only get email support.

Choice 2:

Take up the 30 day challenge to build a profitable business using the ultimate marketing automation tool. Sign up here.

6 thoughts on “Ultimate marketing automation tool”

    1. Thank you for reading, I have always found Clickfunnels an amazing tool and can be used for a whole different variety of industries.

  1. Interesting read. I’m in the brainstorming process of wanting to start an online business but don’t really know where to begin or have the proper tools. I had no idea what marketing automation tools were but it’s something I’m going to look into. Starting out I definitely won’t have any finances so spend on marketing so this is a great idea!

    Jo |

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read. If you don’t have the budget for the marketing automation software, check out my other posts on Facebook and LinkedIn on how to get sales from these platforms.

    1. Clickfunnels is a great tool and perfect for you if you are wanting lots of different things from marketing automation. Clickfunnels offers a 14 day free trial or a coaching package.

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