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Michelle Dale Freelancer Programme Review

Today, I am going to review the Freelancer programme by Michelle Dale. Michelle Dale is a successful virtual assistant and a thought leader in the industry.

What Is The Freelancer Course

Michelle Dale’s freelancer programme is a course aimed at individuals who are wanting to set up a freelancing career. The freelancer programme is divided into 5 Modules

  1. Positioning
  2. Impressions
  3. Tools
  4. Collaboration
  5. Leads

Each module is taught via video and comes with a transcription. You need to watch each video in order (no skipping to the end) as each video is a building block to the next one.


The positioning module is all about branding. How you can effectively create a brand and how to position that brand. This then leads into how to create a unique selling proposition and an elevator pitch you can use on all online platforms you have a presence and when speaking face to face.


The impressions module focuses on copy writing and pricing. Michelle Dale looks at how to write copy effectively and the secrets to persuasive copy writing. This module is important and is a module I revisit time and time again in my virtual assistant business. Not only does it teach me how to write copy effectively but how I can use these skills to put myself across and be authentic. The pricing video looks at the different types of pricing models and how to choose a pricing structure that truly reflects what you are worth to the client.


The tools module as you can imagine looks at the tools you can use in setting up and running your virtual assistant business. I found this module helpful as it showed me what tools virtual assistants use to collaborate with other virtual assistants, what scheduling apps, what apps can be used to keep track of the time spent on a client and best tools to create a subscriber mailing list.


The collaboration module in the freelancer programme is very exciting for starting a virtual assistant business. Collaboration is all about when you have a potential client wanting to work with you and your onboarding system. Onboarding a new client is taking them from an appointment to talk with you about what they want you to do for them to actually starting working with your new client. 


The leads module in the freelancer programme by Michelle Dale is how you can get leads from different platforms and how you can make an impact when you do reach out. In my opinion this module should come before the collaboration module. The leads module may come after the collaboration module so you know the exact process for onboarding a new client and you come across more confident.

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