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Rebranding your business on Facebook

Sometimes you are sat at your desk and look at your Facebook page or group and feel in complete and utter despair. Asking yourself does your brand message really hit home with the customers? Having a complete rebranding of your business on Facebook just can not be done! Or can it?

Recently a customer came to me and said:

“Feeling a little unmotivated and unsure what to do next. I started my business 4 years ago and have just done a whole rebrand and name change as when I started the business I started doing something completely different to what I’m doing now and the name needed an update. Anyway I’ve changed my name on Instagram and website but my fans are unhappy with all the changes.”

So if you are looking to do a complete overhaul of your Facebook and rebrand your business here are some essential tips to get started.

Essential Elements

Essential elements of rebranding your business on Facebook are telling your audiences that you are rebranding. Tell them what your vision is of when you have completed the rebrand. 

By giving the chance for your audience to decide if they want to remain a loyal fan or move on. You will remove fans who will never buy from you. During the rebranding phase of your Facebook page or group you have a great opportunity to do some Facebook engagement.

Facebook engagement is not about writing posts solely for selling but to start interacting with your audience. Use Facebook engagement for pre launching your new brand by building a buzz and creating excitement

4 examples of Facebook engagement posts are

Example 1: Ask a question

Ask a question to your target market about their problems they’ve had. Asking your target market about their problems helps you to really write down branding and marketing messages aimed at them.

Example 2: Create a poll

Ideas for polls could be for fun ones to give your brand personality or polls to choose products people want.

Example 3: Share a selfie

Take pictures of your employees at work, your office, you working on your computer, or something fun. Giving your audience a sneak peak of what is going on behind the scenes is always a winner to build excitement.

Example 4: Ask for help

An example of this is showing 4 different logo designs and asking people which one they prefer. Facebook audiences love this as they start to feel involved in building the brand.

Next Steps ...

Finished creating your brand new Facebook page or group? Share your new group or page with your audience. Always give a deadline for joining or liking your new Facebook page or group as you will be shutting it down within X amount of days. 

Give your audience an extra reason by mentioning that you are only putting new and exciting content on the new area. 

Pin this announcement to the top of the old page or group. Reminding your audience every time they go to the old group or page to join the new space. 

Another method is to send a message to each of your fan to remember to join the new group or like the new page as you are shutting the current one down soon.

 Now you have an engaged audience on your page, create a Facebook Ad directed at them and similar people. Creating a targeted Facebook Ad will reduce any cost per click and increase your ROI. Use this tool to get started by clicking here.

Have you got any experience of rebranding your business on Facebook? Comment below with your experience.

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