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3 Reasons To Start Being Vulnerable

In growing your online business, being open and vulnerable about who you are may sound terrifying. But when you start being open and vulnerable you can start to:

  • Resonate with your audience
  • Generate leads that you can nurture with your story
  • Close sales

Resonate With Your Audience

How many times have you seen a webinar where people are just showing off how good there life is?

Never? Neither have I!

On webinars, you will see people talking of their story that usually compromises of a rags to riches story so they can start being vulnerable.



Amy Porterfield


Amy Porterfield talks about her story

amy porterfield story

How she went from working for Tony Robbins, when she was an overworked ‘yes, girl’. Then deciding to launching her business (which didn’t deliver the results she wanted) and now being a huge success. This is where Amy starts being vulnerable to her audience.


Michelle Dale


Michelle Dale talks about how she packed up her life in the U.K and moved to Egypt where she started a virtual assistant business. Now she trains new virtual assistants and still works as one. By sharing this story, Michelle starts being vulnerable.

Meet Michelle here by clicking on the image below and watch the video.

What do they all have in common? 

They start there story with how there lives were at the start of their online business and continue the story with how hard it was creating their own online business.

These stories they use is the secret ingredient that they use to make their audience fall in love with them and resonate with them.

Ask yourself would you resonate with a story about

  • Being overworked in the corporate world and wanting to pack it all in
  • Wanting to pack your bags and start travelling whilst having an online business
  • Trying to start an online business but struggled to get anywhere with it
  • Or do you have an online business but are struggling to grow it

Can you start to see now that when you start being vulnerable, you resonate with your audience?

Want to create a story but don’t know where to start. Here is a simple framework to creating a story, read this blog post by clicking here.

Generate Leads And Nurture With Your Stories

Using the power of storytelling you can generate leads more naturally. 

Sharing your story in the form of blog posts and social media posts, your audience starts to get to know you and build trust in you as you start being vulnerable to them. As Zig Ziglar once said

zigziglar trust

According to a survey by SDL, it takes 2 years before a customer trusts a brand.

I for one question this. When it is a large brand it does take a long time before I buy from them, but this is when they have a high price point on their products such as Apple.

Though when they have a low price point such as Udemy, I purchased only after a few months. 

But ultimately my decision to buy a product that is from a brand or an individual entrepreneur who is not hiding behind a big brand. By start being vulnerable by sharing their story, then I will buy when I trust they will DELIVER what they say they will.


Creating a bundle of stories


Creating a bundle of stories that you can tell your audience when generating leads will help to get your message across to them. Though not all stories have to be about you or your business just as long as you start being vulnerable. Your stories can be about:

  • How a product was created
  • Behind the scenes at an event you have attended
  • How you have helped an existing customer
  • About any businesses that you are partnering with
  • Posts about social, environmental or technological issues that you or your business are affected by

Please note how I have not mentioned political. Only go into politics if that is the area you are working in.


Nurture your leads


Using the stories you have created you have generated a lead. Now is the time to turn that lead into a sale. 

Sales funnels using content can help to build that trust further and get the lead onto the phone or buying your product on your online store. Watch the video below for a further explanation as to how a sales funnel works using your content.

Close Sales

You have gained the leads trust and have them on the phone or on a webinar, now it is time to seal that deal. Using your best case study, explain how that story relates to the lead and how you can get them results in a super specific time frame. 

However you are speaking to the lead you just need to remember to answer their objections and storytell how the leads life will be improved when they buy the product.

As an online business owner you probably only speak to leads via a webinar or a sales page. When you are in this situation, preconceive the objections and how they want their lives to look after buying the product.

Next Steps

By positioning yourself as an expert you become an expert in your niche. But that means nothing when you can not even generate leads that become sales. 

My good friend Josh Turner served over 11,000 business owners and created a BIGGER IMPACT for his clients.

Click here to read his story going from ZERO to 11,000 clients.

8 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Start Being Vulnerable”

  1. Very helpful post for those starting an online business! I’m not a business owner, but having recently launched my blog was terrifying, due to being honest and open with the topics I write about (it’s not easy). Definitely feeling vulnerable, but it is an amazing feeling to share experiences with others! It would be pointless otherwise for me.

    1. I have always found that when I am being vulnerable in a blog, I get the biggest responses. Good luck with being vulnerable.

  2. I think sometimes people are afraid that being vulnerable makes them look inexperienced but they don’t realize how refreshing it is to those just starting out. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Exactly, and I think it is great when people show their real journey to where they are right now. So that people they are inspiring can understand that the journey is not an easy one for anyone.

  3. Great reminder about the power of vulnerability. I recently watched a Brene Brown video about how it’s impossible to be creative without being vulnerable. You have to take a risk.

    1. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you can’t do that then you can’t be vulnerable and being vulnerable is key to resonating with your audience

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