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4 Tips to improve your content to drive targeted traffic to your blog

Driving targeted traffic to your blog is tricky to do. Here I give you 4 ultra-specific tips to getting this right and how you will get an abundance of content ideas for your blog.

Tip 1 Know Who You Are Writing Too

Who are you writing too? What is their gender, age or even life stage they are at? These are just a handful of the questions that you should be asking?

Not knowing who you are writing too, leaves you just having a stab in the dark. Praying that somebody just anybody stumbles upon your blog. Becoming your No. 1 fan.

Instead of just having a stab in the dark, think of how the big businesses think and create a strategy. Create a strategy to write to a specific person. Writing to a specific person makes you naturally more engaging and attract targeted traffic to your blog.

targeted traffic to your blog with a buyer persona

Tip 2 Write The Words They Use

Writing the words your readers use, is absolute key to attract targeted traffic to your blog. The clear strategy in doing this is by doing keyword research.

Keyword research is the strategy of finding specific words (keywords) people use when searching for an answer to a problem on Google.

Woah! This may sound an impossible task for just a blogger to do. 

But wait, stick with me and I will show you how even a blogger can do keyword research.

Google keyword planner is a free tool from Google itself. To use the keyword planner you type in a specific word (using your research of the buyer persona) and a list will appear of relevant keywords.

When looking at this list, you want to choose the keywords with a high CPC and low competition.

Watch the video below from Ahefs on how to use Google keyword planner

Tip 3 Write What They Are Interested In

Using the last 2 tips, you should now be starting to get a fair idea of what you should be writing. Though if you are still struggling with content ideas, here is my number 1 tip that I go to every time I am generating a new piece of content.

Answer the public!

Answer the public is a free tool that that gives you loads of content ideas. Type in your keyword and then you will get plenty of suggestions at your fingertips.

Click on one of the suggestions and you will be taken to a Google search results page using that suggestion. Google will then show you other pieces of content people and businesses have made. Look at the other content on page 1 and take inspiration from it.

  • What Is It Missing?
  • How Could You Improve It?

I am not suggesting copying at all but instead be inspired and put your own spin on content that is tailored to your specific audience.

If your audience is for newly divorced women, then tailor the content to them and how they are feeling in that moment.

Feelings are essential when creating your content.


Tip 4 Write Like You Are Talking To Your Best Friend

1:1 conversation drive targeted traffic to your blog

Talking to your best friend, you tap into their feelings and emphasize with them. Use this in your blog writing.

Think of how your target reader is feeling

  • Right Now
  • What Will Happen If They Don’t Solve The Pain
  • How They Will Feel Solving Their Big Pain 

Not only should you use feelings in your content but you should use your own personality. Using your own personality is your USP (Unique Selling Point). Even if you use swearing a lot in everyday language, you will resonate with readers who are the same and they become true fans. Jorden from Creative Revolt does this and does it well.


Creating a blog is exciting and well worth the time and effort. But blogging is a test of trial and error. This is especially true of driving targeted traffic to your blog. By discovering your buyer persona you can use the keywords they use, create content around that keyword and truly get fans of your blog.

Let me know in the comments below what your buyer persona is. 

8 thoughts on “4 Tips to improve your content to drive targeted traffic to your blog”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful reminder! With my new blog, I have let myself be so focused on putting out the perfect product, that I am not putting my full personality into my posts, like I would have in the past. I definitely need to work towards finding a happy medium.

  2. Some pretty useful tips, although I only really know two ways to write, badly due to my dyslexia, and like I’m trying to write an essay, but also still pretty badly due to my dyslexia ha ha ha

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