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3 Sure Fire Ways To Validate Your Idea

Successfully launch your product confidently when you validate your idea and get a viable income producing asset. You can validate your idea correctly without any copycats stealing your idea and ultimately your customers.

Here are 3 sure fire ways in which you can get the validation effortlessly. Plus what is even better it will not cost you anything just a little bit of time.

Invest your time and create an end product that your customers are hungry for and eager to get from you (without hesitation).

Get some (human) Guinea Pigs to validate your idea

validate your idea with guinea pigs

Using Guinea Pigs to test your idea for free may sound like a big NO NO. 

After all you have worked hard on your end product why would you give it away to a handful of people.

What is worse is that if you give it to some guinea pigs to test your product you may be giving it away to copy cats. Copy cats that will reproduce YOUR PRODUCT to YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER.

Instead choose a handful of people who are loyal followers and fans of yours. Select fans that are not in the same industry as you and will not have an ulterior motive to be your Guinea Pig.

After selecting these Guinea Pigs you will ask them for something in return for testing your product.

  • Feedback on what was right and wrong with the product
  • A video testimonial where they boast about the results the product gave them

Can you start to see why using Guinea Pigs to validate your idea can work?

Having some testimonials or social proof backing up your product is what gets people buying from you.

Next Steps …

  • Look at your social media pages which you are dominating
  • Look at who is the most engaged with you
  • Look at what fans you have that you could really benefit from your product
  • Reach out to these fans with your proposal for them to try out your product for free but in return they will do a video testimonial for you

Keyword research to validate your idea

keyword research to validate your idea

Keyword research? How does this help to validate your idea and isn’t it just for the large corporations done by professional digital marketers, I can hear you yelling.

Keyword research helps you as it is what words your customers are using when searching for a solution to their problem.

You are probably thinking: how do you know what keywords to target? Keyword research sounds hard to do and only something that professional digital marketers can do.

Paying for a professional digital marketer sounds like it can cost a fortune. Only other alternative is to use platforms such as Fiverr to do keyword research. Using Fiverr, you never get what you are really wanting, leaving you stuck at square one.


There is an alternative!

Spyfu is a keyword research that is not only easy to use and understand, but is also FREE to use. So what is Spyfu and how can it help you with keyword research?

Spyfu looks at your competitors website and looks at:

  • Keywords they are using
  • Where they are getting there backlinks from
  • What they are spending on PPC
  • Ranking history

Why is this useful for you?


By getting this data from what your competitors are doing you know what keywords you want to target. As you will get the information to see what is working and what is not.

Get started for FREE with Spyfu

Spyfu is really quick and simple to start using. You do not even need to create an account with them to get going with them.

When you click through to their website you will be taken to this dashboard.

As you can see from the image above there is no push for you to subscribe and it is really easy to use.

Just type in your competitors domain and you will be given all of the insights you need.

Forget those expensive digital marketers and cheap freelancers on Fiverr. Spyfu will give you the information you need for stellar keyword research.

To get started click the banner below and use Spyfu for free.

Have 1:1 Conversations

1:1 conversation drive targeted traffic to your blog

Creating an end product is hard to do, but it is even harder when you do not know what your customers want or their pain points.

Without this knowledge you are creating a product that will only get a few sales as it will not resonate with your customers.

Talking to your customers about what they are struggling with and really paying attention to them. By paying attention, you create a product they will love and rave about to people they know.

There are many different ways in which you can start having these conversations with your customers. 

Here are just 3 of my favourite ones:

  1. Have a poll with 5 different self explanatory options
  2. Create a video post or email asking them what they think
  3. Send a survey asking them their opinion

Asking your customers there opinion will make them feel special and a valued customer. Plus they will start to feel excited for your upcoming product.


Validating your product first is key to success in launching it to the world.

Talking to your customers helps you to shape your end product. Understanding how you can create a product that solves their biggest pain points.

Testing your end product on a handful of customers enables you to iron out any flaws. Giving you that must have testimonial from real people who have used and love your product.

Acquiring a powerful keyword research tool such as Spyfu helps you to further understand your competitors. Thus giving you an insight into the marketing strategy of big names you want to compete against.

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    1. Spyfu is a great tool! Knowing what your competitors are up to with keywords they use and how they get there backlinks is powerful information. As they say information is power.

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